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Carp Fishing Boilies

If you want to go carp fishing then carp fishing boilies are one of the best baits you can get.  It is well known to be one of the best for catching carp.  We produce a range of 3 different boilies, each one having its own benefits to your fishing trip. Boilies are a round ball of bait often made from a mixture or fishmeals, milk proteins, bird food and soya flour.  

We only supply shelf life carp fishing boilie, designed to give you as much as the benefit of a freezer type without having to maintain their preservation over a long period of time.  They are great for long trips and can be re-used again if not all required as we use resealable pouches, making them extremely versatile as a carp fishing bait.  Shelf life boilies also come in different flavours much like the freezer types and different sizes, ranging from 10mm up to 15mm, depending on what size fish you are going after.

Flavours can also have a big impact with fishier flavours perfect for the warmer months and sweeter flavours better in the colder ones.  However like anything in fishing, it is not a sure fire thing and your expertise as well as experimentation is key to finding which is the best bait for the fish.  You can use boilies in a whole manner of different ways, from using them whole or chopping them to make a variety of different sizes on the lake bed.  Depending on how you are fishing, there is plenty of carp fishing boilie tactics you can use to ensure your trip is a successful one.  

What are boilies?

Boilies are a type of bait used in carp fishing. A round, hard-boiled ball of dough that is made from a mixture of ingredients such as fishmeal, bird food, and other additives. Boilies are usually scented and dyed to make them more attractive to carp. They are typically used in a variety of fishing techniques, including bottom fishing. Boilies are a popular choice among carp anglers because they are easy to use, highly effective, and can be customized to suit different fishing conditions.

What are the ingredients in boilies?

Boilies are an incredibly popular bait for carp fishing, and they are made from a variety of ingredients. The base of boilies is usually a combination of fishmeal, birdfood, and other proteins, such as soya, wheat, or maize. These are then combined with a binding agent, such as egg, and a liquid, such as molasses, to form a dough. The dough is then rolled into balls and boiled to form the boilies. Additional ingredients, such as flavours, colours, and preservatives, may be added to the boilies to give them extra appeal. The exact ingredients used in a boilies will vary depending on the recipe and the type of carp being targeted.