Pallatrax Gripz set of carp hooks

Pallatrax Gripz – The new style of Carp Fishing Hooks

Pallatrax Gripz – New Carp Fishing Hooks

We take a quick look at the new Pallatrax Gripz, will these be the replacement for barbed/barbless hooks? Or are these a gimmick trying to reinvent a wheel?


Pallatrax Gripz Intro

After extensive research, where the limitations of both barbed fishing hooks, and barbless fishing hooks were scrutinised, there has been an obvious need for improvement thus resulting in this radical design that crosses the boundaries between what we have had and what we now have.

Pallatrax Gripz Close Up


Pallatrax Gripz Features

Made from high grade Japanese wire, the key improvement has been the introduction of a series of minute horizontal grooves on the inside of the specially designed arrow shaped hook point, where historically the barb would have been.

These grooves allow the fishing hook to hold securely in the fish’s mouth when pressure is applied, as the flesh presses into the grooves resulting in a firm hook hold with no slippage. As soon as the pressure is removed the hook returns to a barbless format allowing for easy and safe removal. Simple but so very effective.

Pallatrax Gripz Specs

  • Not barbed or barbless
  • Specially designed arrow shaped hook point
  • Unique grooves
  • High grade Japanese wire

Pallatrax Gripz Hook Patterns


Pallatrax Gripz Hook Sizes

GRIPZ are offered in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16’s in the same Wide Gape style as Pallatrax’s successful and existing hook pattern, ‘The Hook’. With a dull finish and unbelievably sharp point, the GRIPZ Fishing Hooks are complimented with a range of nine, extremely effective, hair rigs using the three sizes of GRIPZ and hand tied on Pallatrax high quality Steamlink, Braid and Fluorocarbon in the UK.


Pallatrax Gripz Video

These look promising but how will they fare up, we have ordered some so stay tuned as we update this article and give you our honest thoughts.


8 thoughts on “Pallatrax Gripz – The new style of Carp Fishing Hooks

  1. Dave says:

    Since changing to the Gripz I haven’t suffered a hook pull, all bites have been landed and so fish friendly, no more popping of flesh when removing a barb 🙂 Awesome innovation.

  2. Stephen wilson says:

    Hi, i used the gripz hooks for the 1st time a few days before lockdown i.e. size 6 wide gape, I had 3 carp takes and landed 3 carp so 100% catch rate , so to say i am well impressed with my 1st use of the Gripz. I also used Pallatrax Stonze system instead of lead and won’t use anything else now. Great innovative products , give them a try ???

  3. Craig twiner says:

    I have used these hooks exclusively for last 2 years on the trent, brilliant hooks, no need to muck around sharpening the hook etc, they stay sharp for ages, have had multiple fish on one hook, cant recommend these hooks highly enough..

  4. David Hunt says:

    I have been using gripz for the last couple of seasons, have to say really happy with the results, hook holds have been good, normally used barbess before, but have found far less movement, but hooks come out easily when pressure off. Very sharp out of packet, strong and hold their point.

  5. Will Richards says:

    I’ve been using gripz now for about a year exclusively and the number speak for them selfs. I’ve began enjoying to play fish even more because of the security you know the hook won’t slip. I use them across multiple disciplines which makes them very versatile without the need to hold massive stocks of terminal tackle. Highly recommended

  6. Shaun Thorne says:

    I’ve been using these for a couple of months and I’m impressed! I’ve landed 100% of fish on them, they are very sharp out of the packet and have stayed sharp even after a few fish!

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