Best Carp Fishing Videos/Films to get you through the Covid-19 Isolation


We have put together a few of the best carp fishing films/videos to watch while we are all self isolating. Hopefully these will bring some joy and make you forget about the troubled time we are going through 🙂


The Great Escape by Ridgemonkey

The Great Escape by RidgeMonkey is a series with 6 episodes to date featuring Jay Mungo Carter, Dave Levy & Dan Hawkes. Some fun antics and all around good content. 6hrs in total 🙂

Mark Pitchers the Challenge

28 Episodes of Mark Pitchers 🙂 In these videos Mark takes on various challenges that were voted for by the general public.

Mark Pitchers & Harry Charrington In Pursuit Of Carpiness

Episode 1 is here –

Episode 2 is here –

Korda Underwater

Korda take a look at what the carp actually do underwater 🙂 Good series and hours of quality footage that will open your eyes.

Urban Banx & Euro Banx with Alan Blair & Oli Davies

A series by Alan Blair – he takes you to some of the most urban spots, with 16 episodes and roughly 10hrs of footage 🙂

Carl & Alex Epic Carp Fishing

Carl & Alex provide some of the most inspiring carp fishing videos around, with over 15hrs worth of footage 🙂

FOX – Fishing for HUGE Carp In The UK

Mozza Vs

Another great series where Mozza takes on fellow anglers in various competitions. Over 4hrs of quality entertainment.

Scott Lloyds VLOG

Check out some of Scott Lloyds footage here 🙂