How to tie a spinner rig tutorial

How to tie the Spinner Rig/Ronnie Rig

In this article instead of doing another Spinner/Ronnie rig tutorial we thought we would find some of the best ways to tie the Ronnie rig that are already out there. We hope you find this useful and good luck.


What is the Spinner Rig

The Spinner has got to be the most popular rig we see. It’s hooking capabilities and diversity make it the go to rig for some of the best carp anglers out there and the results have been devastating!

The Spinner Rig is basically a 360 degree rotating hook that allows it to be freely manouvered when using pop-ups. They are very quick and easy to knock up and they are best used with larger hooks.

When to use the Spinner Rig

The Spinner rig is best used over relatively clean lake beds.

Different ways of tying the Ronnie/Spinner Rig

Carpology Version of the Ronnie/Spinner Rig

Watch this Carpology video to see how to tie the Ronnie Rig.

Dan Hawke’s Slip D Ronnie Rig

Dan Hawkes shows you how to tie his Slip-D Ronnie rig and explains the thinking behind it.

Gardner Tackles Ronnie Rig

Watch exactly how to tie it and what Gardner Tackle components to use to tie the perfect ‘Ronnie’.

Darrell Pecks Spinner Rig

How to tie Korda Spinner Rig by Brian Wingards

Angling Directs version of the Spinner Rig

Creative Carpers Take on the Ronnie Rig

Have we missed any of your favourites off? What do you think of the Spinner Rig? Let us know in the comments below

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3 thoughts on “How to tie the Spinner Rig/Ronnie Rig

  1. badger says:

    The Spinner Rig is my go to rig for every occasion, have caught more carp on a ronnie rig than most others.

  2. Jeff says:

    This has to be one of the most popular rigs in recent times and without a doubt one of the best, always nailed perfectly in the bottom lip.

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