ESP Sniper Rods Review

ESP Sniper Rods

Incredibly light, well balanced and responsive, the slim, high modulus blanks feature an attractive diagonal 3K woven graphite finish on the butt section and lighter, diagonal 1K woven graphite on the tip.

Featuring top quality SiC guides with a long range ringing pattern comprising a 40mm butt guide and single leg intermediates funnelling down to a 12mm tip guides on the 12’ 2¾lb and 12’ 3lb and a 50mm butt guide funnelling down to a 16mm tip on the 12’ 3.¼lb model.

The handle design is a real eye catcher, with a machined carbon reel seat to match the blank and a flared carbon casting grip which is ergonomic and practical in use but gives a classy, minimalist feel to the rods.

E-S-P Sniper2 are available in three distinct test curves, 12’ 2¾lb, 12’ 3lb and 12’ 3¼lb

The 12’ 2¾lb model is exceptionally light with a beautiful playing action and yet it has enough reserves of power in the butt section to comfortably cast a 2½oz lead 100m plus.

The 12’ 3lb version is more of an all rounder, with an optimum casting weight of 3oz for long range casting, it is also perfectly comfortable casting heavier leads and PVA bags at short to medium range.

For excellent long range casting performance, the powerful 12’ 3¼lb really excels. Best used with leads of 3oz plus, the responsive mid-forward action and relatively stiff butt section help optimise casting capabilities whilst the shock absorbing tip helps prevent hook pulls. This rod features 50mm ringing, which will help add extra distance when used with the larger big pit reels and an accomplished casting technique.

Another nice touch, the Sniper’s come supplied with a pair of padded ESP Rod Socks which help protect the joints and guides when the rod is broken down during transit.

ESP Sniper Rods Review
A very slim blank with a beautiful carbon weave giving that retro look. This rod has a great fish playing action with a speedy tip recovery. Although it may look very very slim the power through the whole blank shouldn't be under estimated & has ample of power & compression for casting those longer distances.
Ease Of Use
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Great looks
Ultra Slim
Lovely action
Very forgiving playing action at range & under the tip.
Handle can become slippy with wet hands.

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