Trakker Oval Wide Bed System

Trakker Oval Wide Bed System Review

Trakker Oval Wide Bed System

The Levelite Oval Bed System offers whole new concept in bed-and-bag design. Born from a desire to create a bed that would offer a more efficient use of space inside most shelters, whilst retaining the supreme comfort associated with our existing Levelite range of beds, the unique shape of the Levelite Oval Bed System allows it to be pushed further into the back of the majority of shelters, giving anglers more usable, covered space inside, which can be used to arrange carryalls, bivvy tables, food bags, bait buckets and other items in a less cluttered, more easily-accessible manner.

The Levelite Oval Bed System comprises the bed itself, and a dedicated 3-season sleeping bag which fits perfectly to the contours of the frame, and features head and foot hoods combined with Velcro side attachments for a perfect fit with zero movement. The oval shape also adds to the thermal properties of the bag, aiding faster warming and greater heat-retention around the feet.

The season rating of the system can be increased to 5-season with the addition of the dedicated Aquatexx® Oval Bed Cover.Users of the Levelite Oval Bed System can adjust the firmness of the mattress to their individual requirements, as the underside of the bed system features a fully adjustable lumbar support section.


Adjustable legs for any ground level or terrain.

Trakker Oval Wide Bed System
Trakker Oval Wide Bed System Review
Due to the shape of this bed its ideal for gaining that bit of xtra space in the bivvy. The sleep system is very very warm & with the added lumbar support you'll be sure of a good nights kip in this ultra wide bed chair.
Ease Of Use
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Ideal if you like the xtra room
Super wide
Very warm
Added lumbar support
At a shade under £500 we think this may put some anglers off.