Aniseed (or Anise) is a flowering plant that is found natural to eastern Mediterranean and south-west Asia. What makes Aniseed stand out is its very distinct aroma and flavour when used in various different culinary uses. It comes from a herbaceous annual plant that is best suited for warmer climates and can grow to upwards of 3 foot per harvest. Aniseed has various uses from medical to drinks, food and even fragrance and it is one of the most striking flavours in the world today. Originating in Egypt, it was brought to Europe for the medicinal value and has remained part of our culture ever since. It was even used in seed form with old steam locomotives for warning scents from overheating.

Aniseed fishing flavours can be quite potent indeed due to the very strong flavour that it emits to the fish. Fish attracted to Aniseed flavoured fishing concentrates will be drawn to both the flavour and aroma that is arguably one of the strongest available. Aniseed can be a great ingredient for making fishing bait including boilies, pop ups, ground bait additive and to add to spod mixes. Aniseed is fantastic for masking other odours to fish so if you are a lover of Aniseed, why not try to add some on your next fishing trip.

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