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Banana is one of the most well known fruits in the world and has inspired food, music and even colours. The yellow elongated fruit is distinct from any other and it has proved to be popular all over. Banana can be used in cooking, used in scents, as part of a recipe or as a popular workout snack for health enthusiasts. The Banana plant is the biggest herbaceous flowering plant and is natural to warm climates, originating in East Asia and since moving to places such as Africa and South America. The fruit is packed with potassium among many other healthy vitamins which is one of the reasons it is such a popular treat. The banana aroma is one of the more distinctive fruit smells in that there is nothing else much like it and it makes it instantly recognisable.

Banana fishing flavours can be an extremely pleasant type of bait to use due to the lovely aroma that it gives off. Sitting on the sweeter side, it can go well with any fishing trips that want to keep things light and fruity. Banana flavoured fishing concentrates are a great ingredient for making fish bait, including boilies, pop ups, ground bait additive and to add to spod mixes. Whether you want to use banana for the effect or simply for the smell for yourself, Banana is a great flavour for fishing bait and well worth trying out.

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