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Blueberry is one of the more distinctive berries for its flavour as it varies wildly from the more commonly used types. Instead of a sweet and tart experience, the blueberry offers a more fragrant flavour with a mild sweetness that makes is great for an alternative take on fruit based creations. Native to North America, they have since been emigrated to Europe in the 1930s and since then has become a popular fruit of its own accord. Used for a variety of different reasons, from natural to desserts, baked good and even wine, the naturally blue small berry offers a completely different flavour experience to every other berry in its family. Packed full of good stuff including vitamins and minerals, blueberries are even widely popular as an additive to other meals such as breakfast cereals just to give the experience a more healthy kick to it.

Blueberry fishing flavours are more mild than other fruits with a florally flavour that brings nature more into this fruit than any other. Aroma wise, blueberry has a nice natural sweet scent with a much more lighter tone than compared to darker berries in its family. It is a nice balance of sweet and natural that gives it a rather different and more unique flavouring to fishing. Blueberry flavoured fishing concentrates work really well in making fishing bait, including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives, and part of a spod mix. If you want something much lighter yet still carrying a distinct flavour/aroma for fishing then this will be ideal for you.