Bubblegum is something that has far surpassed its origin more than any other food item in modern times. What started as a cheap chewing gum known for its thickness and ability to blow bubbles, making it a hit with kids, has morphed into something entirely different these days. While still enjoyed in its natural form, bubblegum has since become a very popular flavour for a whole host of different areas from ice cream, drinks, desserts and anything requiring a very sweet but unique flavour. Either made synthetically using sweetened ingredients or naturally by a combination of different fruit flavours, Bubblegum has become one of the more popular types of sweet flavour in the world, even becoming hugely popular in soft drinks over in the East. It is no longer just for kids, bubblegum is a very unique flavour that is often found in any place that is associated with dessert products ad its connection to American culture is going to keep it that way for decades longer.

Bubblegum fishing flavours are incredibly sweet flavourings that are strong with a whole medley of different sweet notes. Aroma wise Bubblegum is extremely strong and distinct on the nose and instantly recognisable from other sweet flavours that you can use. Bubblegum is a very strong flavouring to use in fishing and less can be more when using this as part of your tackle. Bubblegum flavoured fishing concentrates sweet tones make it perfect for making fish bait, including boilies, pop ups, ground bait additive or added to a spod mix. If you want something that will stand out on your fishing line or simply something pleasant, bubblegum would make a great choice next time you go fishing.


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