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Cherry is a fruit that has been enjoyed over hundreds of years in multiple different civilisations for its sweet and yet tart notes from the little red fruit. Thought to originate way back to prehistoric times, it was imported from Greece back during the late 15th century under orders from Henry VIII and has remained in both British and worldly culture ever since. Cherry has some of the most versatile use in the fruit family with beverages, chocolate, desserts, scents and even beauty products using the fruit as its basis. Packed full of vitamin C, water and other minerals, it makes a great snack by itself or when combined with cereals or yoghurt to really boost up the health factor in a snack.

Cherry fishing flavours are very sharp and sweet with a really nice natural tone to them making them a great natural bait flavour to use. Cherry will come packed with very sweet notes with a slight tart undertone combining both types of flavour effects in one simple fishing flavour. The aroma of cherry is very natural also with a strong cherry scent that almost seems real making this one of the more direct scents in Fishing. Cherry fishing concentrates make an excellent part of making fishing bait including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives or as part of a spod mix. If you are looking for a very natural yet strong fishing flavour then this one could well be right for you.