Chilli is one of the most diversive fruits in the world today with almost a universal use for the little coloured food. Chilli stands out from other fruits as it is extremely spicy, with many different variations available around the world measured in a Scoville Scale. Many popular dishes such as pizza, curry or even variants such as con carne are based on the little spicy pepper and has become one of the most popular food products in the world for its unique flavourings and importance for cuisine. Originating way back in 7500 Bc, the family of Chillies are found all over the world with some even creating hybrids to increase the potency of the spice contained within. In recent times Chilli has even moved over to the sweet aspect of the market with chocolate being on such example of pairing two completely different flavours into something adventurous and surprisingly enjoyable.

Chilli fishing flavours are one of the most unique you can find on the market for its flavour is like none other. Rather than rely on the sweet or savoury aspect like many others, Chilli uses its spice to create a fishing bait that will be effective. Its aroma is strong and potent with plenty of spice in there to deliver a very distinctive sharp scent when used during fishing. It is within these notes when combined with the flavour that makes Chilli such a popular fishing bait to use. Chilli fishing concentrates are one of the best in making fishing bait including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive and part of s spod mix. If you want a fishing flavour that is unique in both flavour and scent then why not pick up some today


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