Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Orange is a strange flavour, both universally loved and hated by the world over but there is no mistake that this is something rather special. Invented in 1932 by a UK based company that has since become a household name, the chocolate orange has been quite literally one of the more popular treats in the UK ever since. The flavour itself has since moved onto all sorts of different dessert style recipes from cakes and doughnuts to cheesecake and ice cream. In fact most ranges of chocolate these days has their own variant of the chocolate orange style, with its humble beginning still part of that orange shaped segmented ball of chocolate all those decades ago. With a distinct aroma to go with it, chocolate orange is still one of the mainstays of British sweet aisles to this day.

Chocolate orange fishing flavours are both strong and complex with the mix of different notes of both tart and sweetness that you would expect from this type of flavour. With the warm creamy chocolate balanced with the tart and fresh orange style, this is a sweet fishing flavour that is unique in its approach. Aroma wise, this has all the delicate chocolate notes with an underlying orange scent that brings both the fruit and sweet elements of flavours together. Chocolate orange flavoured fishing concentrates are great to use in making fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive and as part of a spod mix. If you want to bring the best of both dessert and fruit together for your next fishing trip, chocolate orange would be a fantastic choice.

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