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Chocolate is by far the most popular sweet treat around the world today with what started as a luxury food turning into almost a necessity in the western world. The treat made from cao cao beans milk and sugar is such a simple recipe but it is everywhere, from desserts, to sweets to even scents these days. With 4 different types of chocolate available and hundreds of different variants of brands with many different ingredients, the possibilities with chocolate are almost endless. Whether you mix it with nuts, chilli, caramel, biscuit or even jelly beans, each type of chocolate created is something better than the last. As it is heavily featured in desserts as well from ice cream to cheesecake, doughnuts to even pizza, there is no doubt that chocolate is the favourite sweet of the world today.
Chocolate fishing flavours are something rather different to other sweet flavours due to the more complexity of the recipe. Instead of simple sweet sharp notes, chocolate is a more warming and calm variation of the sweet style of fishing flavour. With a more creamy element to this flavour, chocolate is very much a different type of flavour to use. Aroma wise it is strong and yet subtle, with notes of chocolate not too overpowering here giving it a pleasant and sweet scent. Chocolate flavoured fishing concentrates are wonderful in making fishing bait, including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives and as part of a spod mix. If you want something sweet but not like much else then chocolate would be a good choice for your next fishing trip.

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