Coconut is one of those fruits that just epitomise the tropical climates of lands from distant shores and it almost represents summertime for both its flavour and aroma. The coconut originates from the Indian subcontinent and has since moves across the world with it being one of the most versatile fruits in the world today. Coming from the coconut palm, often referred to as the tree of life for its plethora of different uses these days, the coconut is a hard shell fruit almost likened to a nut containing both milk and fleshy fruit inside. These days coconut is used in many different ways from desserts such as chocolate, cake and more, the beauty industry and even their wood is used for construction in eastern countries. Coconut is easily mistaken for a simple fruit when in all reality, it is one of the most popular in the world.
Coconut fishing flavours are both a natural and distinctive flavour with nothing else much like it. Combining the sweet and savoury almost elements of the coconut fruit, it can be both earthy and yet fruity combined. Aroma wise, the coconut is like nothing else with a pleasant scent that has notes of sweet attached to an almost creamy style smell that makes it a much fresher alternative to other creamy style aromas. Coconut flavoured fishing concentrates are wonderful for making fishing bait, including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives and as part of a spod mix. If you want something that is fresh and distinctive, then coconut would make a great addition when you next go fishing.

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