Crab is a crustacean that is often found on beaches and in seas throughout the world. Very distinctive from their claws and style of walking sidewards, The crab is not like much else In the world today. Crab serves to be a total of 20% of the total fished sea creatures in the world today and has since become part of meals throughout the world. With a soft meat that is plenty available, it is very popular in eastern cuisine and has since become part of western diets also. Either eaten as part of a salad or as a simple meat by itself, Crab is an extremely popular alternative to other fish meats available in both flavour and texture. Most fishmongers will certainly have their own source of crab and the fishing of such a meat is one of the biggest in the world for fishermen.

Crab fishing flavours bring far more of a sea life style to your bait than most others available here at Bait Hacks. With a strong crab fish style taste, it makes it more akin to using the real thing when fishing which is a popular fishing tackle already. Aroma wise crab is strong and pungent is very distinctive notes that are more natural than most other fishing baits. Crab flavoured fishing concentrates make an excellent addition to making fishing baits such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive or as part of a spod mix. If you are already a fan of using crab as part of your fishing bait, then why not pick up one our fishing baits and get a far more efficient way of fishing with crab?

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