Custard is one of the most universally loved desserts in the world today with its use being both as an accompanying treat or as part of a bigger recipe. Made with sweetened milk, egg yolk and flour in its most basic recipe, custard is such a delicious dessert and can even be enjoyed by itself. In terms of desserts, you can find custard as part of cakes, pies and even doughnuts such is its popularity in the dessert world. Custard is both enjoyed plain or with with notes of butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate or even fruits added to give the simple dessert a much more delicious taste. Around for hundreds of years, the modern day style of custard using cornflour instead of eggs dates back to 1837 with the now famous UK brand of custard. Whether it is authentic or new style, custard is always going to be popular no matter where you go.

Custard fishing flavours are both rich and sweet with plenty of available complexities depending on your fishing style. With a basic creamy base, adding notes of vanilla, cinnamon or even fruit can give you a fishing bait that is something completely different to standard flavours. Aroma wise it is dependant on what you desire with a basic creamy sweet scent with plenty of added notes if required. Custard flavoured fishing concentrates are wonderful to use when making fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives or as part of a spod mix. If you want a fishing flavour that is both rich and complex but on the sweet side of things, then custard would make an ideal fishing bait flavour.

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