Frankfurter is a very popular Americanised snack food that actually has origins as its name suggests in Germany. Usually referred to as a Hot Dog, the frankfurter is a long sausage made of pork, encased in a sheep’s intestine and smoked for its traditional flavour. Its name derives from the German for sausage making it one of the original styles of sausage products. These days a frankfurter is enjoyed within a bun and combined with tomato sauce, mustard and fried onions, what has since become a symbol of American culture but enjoyed elsewhere. The frankfurter still remains hugely popular in its native Germany also with entire festivals dedicated to it. Whether you enjoy its traditional aspects or prefer the American style, the frankfurter is popular all around the western world with even growing popularity in Asian countries such as Japan these days.

Frankfurter fishing flavours are very meaty in flavour and with a smoked element underneath, provide something rather different when compared to other fishing flavours. With the smoked meat style, frankfurter flavours are very distinct in savoury notes and as such, make a great alternative to sweet fishing baits. Frankfurter aroma is again very distinct with the smoked meat element quite strong and sharp when used during fishing. Frankfurter flavoured fishing concentrates are great when used to make fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive or as part of a spod mix. If you want a strong and distinctive savoury bait flavour the frankfurter is an ideal choice.

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