Garlic has been a vegetable that has been around for hundreds of years and with both its unique taste and aroma, it is a staple of many culinary influences over history. Native to central Asia, China make up for 80% of the total cultivation of the vegetable. It even dates back to ancient Egyptian times and has remained part of food culture for centuries. Used as both a seasoning as a main ingredient, its distinctive flavour has influenced even modern meals such as garlic bread as part of western food. Its strength in aroma is even connected to literacy use, with garlic a very common weakness for vampires within novels over the years. One of the most popular ingredients in meals, Garlic is a very powerful little vegetable and its strength makes it an ideal addition to most recipes.

Garlic fishing flavours are extremely strong and distinctive with a powerful flavour that can last for hours. With the distinctive onion style tartness combined with the unique garlic flavour, it can make to be a wonderful fishing flavour to use. Aroma wise it is powerful and distinct also, very noticeable to the smell receptors in fish and fishermen alike. Garlic fishing flavoured concentrates are great to use when making fish bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives or as part of a spod mix. If you want something strong, distinct and savoury then Garlic fishing flavours would make an ideal choice.

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