Ginger is one of the world’s magic spices that have been a mainstay in world’s food, medicine and even scents for thousands of years. Ginger has been known to be around for thousands of years and was first exported to Europe during the first spice trade to the ancient Romans. It has a strong distinct flavour that is used in many different culinary uses from desserts to savoury dishes and even beverages. What makes Ginger so special is its use in medicinal properties over the years, with some even to this day swearing by its medical properties. Whether it is in a cookie, a beer or cake, ginger is one of the most famous and well used spices for its sheer amount of uses in many different areas. Originating in South East Asia, this spice can be found everywhere these days.

Ginger fishing flavours are very deep in flavour with a very distinctive ginger tone that is ideal for long standing baits. With a very unique flavour, ginger is a very good fishing flavour to use if you want a spice that is strong. Aroma wise ginger is quite strong and its scent is ideal for long fishing trips when you want something that will be earthy and natural without being artificial. Ginger flavoured fishing concentrates are great for use in making fishing bait including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives and as part of a spod mix. If you want to use a bait flavour that is both natural and different from most others then ginger would make a great choice on your next fishing trip.

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