Guava is a tropical fruit that has only really moved into western culture within the last 30 years. Originating in Mexico and South America as early as 2500 BC, the small apple/lime shaped fruit with pink fleshy fruit inside has become a favourite alternative to more commonly used tropical fruits in the west. In Latino countries, Guava is best known for cooking sauces, beverages and desserts with it proving to be popular. Elsewhere it is more common to eat it raw much like an apple and part of a tropical fruit mix dessert. Packed full of nutrients and Vitamin C, Guava is a very healthy fruit and one that may be worth while adding to your weekly diet.

Guava fishing flavours are very sweet and fruity with a tropical feel to them. The Guava fishing flavour is natural style of flavour making it wonderful to use if you want a sweet and juicy style flavour when fishing. Aroma wise, Guava is strong and sweet with a juicy element to its undertone. Guava flavoured fishing concentrates are wonderful to use in making fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive and as part of a spod mix. If you want something tropical and fresh for your next fishing trip then Guava would make an ideal choice.

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