Kiwi is arguably one of the more unique tropical fruits in the world due to its flavour, texture and culinary use. The little brown fruit is packed full of seeds within a bright green fleshy fruit inside with even edible skin. It is a very tart and sweet combination of flavour with its juice and fruit both proving to be very popular within fruit based dishes in the modern times. The fruit is also known as the Chinese Gooseberry and is native to China. It was only exported as a fruit to the west during the 1960s following on from soldiers encountering it during world war 2. These days both enjoyed raw or as part of a juice or dessert, Kiwi has become a very popular fruit around the world.

Kiwi fishing flavours are wonderfully fruity mixes with both sweet and tart notes giving it a very distinctive flavour. The sharp sweet fruity notes are balanced with a tart undertone that leaves a kiwi fishing flavour almost perfectly balanced as a sweet fruit profile. Aroma wise the kiwi is very sweet with a very distinguishable scent that matches the real thing perfectly. Kiwi flavoured fishing concentrates are wonderful additions when making fishing bait including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive or as part of a spod mix. If you want a fresh fruit flavour that has a distinct aroma and sweet notes, then Kiwi makes a great fishing bait flavour.

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