Mango is a tropical fruit that is best known for its sweet fleshy fruit inside a green harder shell. Originating in South East Asia thousands of years ago, the fruit is one of the most popular tropical fruits in its family to have spread around the world. Its use is not just restricted to fruit, it is known in many Asian culinary dishes, sauces and even in desserts. It’s modern use sees it part of sweets, juice and even as condiments for dishes such is its popularity. The mango is the national fruit of India and 50% of its cultivation comes from the country alone. It even has cultural significance in Asia from religious belief in India to a political attachment in China. Whether you enjoy Mango raw as part of a meal, it is a very delicious flavour.

Mango fishing flavours are sweet and juicy with plenty of sweet tropical notes giving it a massive flavour. Mango flavours can be artificially sweet or authentically fresh, depending on what type you want to use. Aroma wise, mango fishing flavours have a very juicy and sweet scent to them, a strong and pleasurable smell that can be quite powerful. Mango flavoured fishing concentrates are wonderful for making fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives or as part of a spod mix. If you are looking for a very juicy and sweet fruit flavour for your fishing bait then Mango is a fantastic choice.

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