Marshmallow is a wonderfully sweet confectionery item that is extremely popular around the world for many different sweet treats. A recipe of sugar, water and gelatine makes marshmallows a lovely soft and yet sweet treat that can can be found in many different places. From chocolate to sweets, cakes and desserts with even a sandwich spread available, there is not many people who do not enjoy marshmallow. Traditionally in America they are toasted over a campfire or added to a snack called s’mores that have almost cemented the traditional marshmallow into American culture. The mention of marshmallow originates from ancient Egyptian times when it was thought to be a treat for the gods and rulers, since then however we mere mortals have been allowed to enjoy this confectionery favourite.

Marshmallow fishing flavours are very sweet and light bait that allow for the simple sweet tones to shine through. Much like the real thing, there is a heavy emphasis on the sweet sugar flavour which is one of the best sweet flavours available. Aroma wise marshmallow is very light and sweet scent relying more on the flavour to really do its job as a fishing bait. Marshmallow flavoured fishing concentrates are great sweet choice when making fishing bait including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives and as part of a spod mix. If you want a very sweet fishing bait that is light and yet effective then marshmallow would make an ideal choice.


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