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Octopus are one of the most famous sea creatures in the oceans around the world, famed for their intelligence and versatility in surviving in the vast stretches of water. Whether they are known for their current status or as part of mythical beasts over the centuries, the octopus is an extremely famous cephalopod. Octopus also forms part of many different cultures pallet with countries ranging from Japan and Korea all the way to Greece and Spain enjoying octopus in their own unique ways. The Asians prefer to eat it with rice and part of sushi style dishes whereas the Greeks tend to pickle it instead. With so many ways of enjoying this food type, it is very much a great example in the world of how different cultures enjoy their food.

Octopus fishing flavours are very strong in a fish style flavour with different notes of unique octopus style flavour that makes it rather different to any other fish based bait. The flavour can be extremely strong and can linger for quite some time in the water. Aroma wise, octopus is heavy on the fish style scent and it can last for hours at the right mix. Octopus flavoured fishing concentrates are excellent when being used to make fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives or as part of a spod mix. If you want to go with a fishy style bait but want something a little bit different then octopus would make a fine choice.


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