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Orange is one of the most influential fruits today with its significance showing through over thousands of years. Whether known for its colour which bears its name or its flavour, It is the most famous of the citrus family of fruit. It is known for its juice which is popular all over the world but its flavour can also be found in many different places also. From baking to desserts, chocolate to even Asian dishes, orange is an extremely popular flavour. The influence does not stop there with many beauty products, fragrances or even alcohol using the orange for great use. Originating in China, possibly even dated back 2000 years, it has since spread around the world with the sunshine state Florida being named for its production of the fruit. Whether you enjoy it as a juice or a flavour, there is no surprise to know that Orange is popular all over.

Orange fishing flavours are bold and strong with notes of sweet and tart that is expected from a citrus style of flavour. It iss distinctive and sweet with a tart undertone that balances out to make this a very juicy and fresh style. Aroma wise it is very distinctive and fresh with plenty of citrusy notes with a specific orange sweet scent. Orange flavoured fishing concentrates are brilliant fruit based flavours when used in making fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives and as part of a spod mix. If you want a fresh and sweet yet bold fruit flavour then Orange would make an excellent addition to your next fishing trip.

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