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Salmon is one of the more popular fish in the world today for its fresh light pink flesh and more mild fishy taste. Salmon is so popular that a shade of pink that matches its cooked form has been part of British colour schemes for decades. Salmon, native to North America but found all over the world now are quite the unusual fish, often seen leaping upstream as they make their way through rivers all over America. In the culinary world, salmon is used for a multitude of different types of food for both human and cats alike. It is often seen as a lower budget delicacy compared to other fish and in some cultures such as America and Britain it has started to become an unofficial tradition for many to enjoy it at their own holidays.

Salmon fishing flavours have a bold and light flavour that is both strong in taste and with unique notes that aren’t found with other fish baits. The flavour is full of little notes of fresh fish without being too strong and smoked varieties can bring a more unique approach to the flavour. Aroma wise salmon is distinct on its delicate notes without an overpowering scent that would be associated with fish style baits. Salmon flavoured fishing concentrates make a wonderful part of making fishing bait including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additives and as part of a spod mix. If you want a lovely fresh alternative to other fish style baits then Salmon would make an excellent choice on your next fishing trip.