Scopex is one of the most popular carp fishing flavours that has been in use for around 40 years with its mix of buttery and creamy notes with sour undertones. Invented by Rod Hutchinson, Scopex gets its name from the simple actions of it ‘having scope’ in terms of its effectiveness and it being sample x. The aroma for this is usually very strong on the butter side to the extent that is is almost burnt butter in its scent. It is thought that the original scopex no longer exists in the fishing world and instead it is copies from the original due to potentially inaccessibility to original ingredients which have always remained a close secret to its inventor. Nether the less Scopex is still a very popular fishing bait in fishing circles.

Scopex fishing flavours are extremely strong in buttery style notes which are very popular with carp fishing. The flavour notes are very overpowering in its butter style element with possible notes of other savoury style flavours underneath. Aroma wise it again carries a very strong almost burnt butter scent with some likening it also to popcorn or similar buttery style products. Scopex flavoured fishing concentrates are excellent for making fishing bait including boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive and as part of a spod mix. If you want an extremely famous and tried and tested flavour that is just that little bit better than the rest, then why not try a Bait Hacks scopex flavour on your next fishing trip?

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