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Squid is one of the more commonly used fishing baits and the creature is quite the interesting little thing. It is related to octopus but the squid almost carries its own fame. Found in the seas all over the world, the squid is known for its ink squirt self defence technique and its long body. They can camouflage themselves from predators and they originate from Jurassic times. In cuisine, squid is more commonly known as calamari and it is a popular treat in different cultures from Japan to Greece and Spain. The squid meat is different to other fish style meats and therefore it has become a delicacy.

Squid fishing flavours are more laid back when compared to other fish type and therefore the bold and distinct squid flavour can shine through a lot more than an overpowering scent. The flavour is constant and has a slight fish flavour but it is not like much else in terms of bait. Aroma wise Squid is strong yet neutral with tones and notes that make it stick out without being too overpowering as a bait. Squid flavoured fishing concentrates are excellent for making fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive and as part of a spod mix. If you love fishing with quid then our Squid flavours will be perfect choices for your next fishing trip.

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