Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is one of the most long standing ice cream flavours dating back as early as the 19th century with documented pictures and mentions. What Tutti Frutti actually stands for changes in different cultures around the world but the basic make up is the same. It is a mix of different fruits, often known in the UK of a mix of different sweet fruit flavours to create a fruit medley that is very enjoyable. Not just for ice cream, the flavour can be found in sweets and many beauty products carry the scent of such a flavour also. Over in India where they class the flavour using dried raisin and plums among the fruit will often use this flavour in baking. Tutti Frutti as we know it today in the UK is a very sweet mix which is still one of the most popular ice cream flavours today.

Tutti Frutti fishing flavours are a medley of different sweet fruit flavours to create something that is quite artificial and authentic to the real thing. With fruits such as pineapple, cherry and strawberry among the many that can be used for such a flavour, the different sweet notes make it wonderful for a mixed bag of notes and tones for your fishing bait. Aroma wise it is sweet and layered with many different sweet and juicy notes shining through with this flavour. Tutti Frutti flavoured fishing concentrates can make a wonderful fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive or as part of a spod mix. If you want a fishing bait that is sweet and will bring a lot of different tones and sweet notes then Tutti Frutti is a perfect choice for your next fishing trip.

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