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Vanilla is one of the most commonly found flavours in the world today and its use can range to a huge range of sources. Officially a spice, vanilla is grown on a pollinated plant which shares the same name as the flavour we know. Vanilla is then extracted from the plant and then used for a multitude of different sources. Originating back in the 15th century with the Aztecs, this spice is native to Mexico but like most other cultivated crops, has since moved around the world. Vanilla can be found in many different places from it being the key ingredient to Ice Cream, in scents and beauty products, confectionery, in baking and even beverages. Whether you enjoy the direct flavour or scent of vanilla, chances are it is in most of what you love today, even in a simple additive form such is its widespread and useful properties.

Vanilla fishing flavours are a lovely bold and strong creamy style make up with plenty of authentic notes. Vanilla is sweet and powerful but balanced in a natural sort of way that makes it a wonderful flavour to use. Aroma wise vanilla is a bold and powerful scent to use in fishing with its sweet and creamy notes carried through making it a very distinct aroma. Vanilla flavoured fishing concentrates are excellent for making fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive or as part of a spod mix. If you want something sweet, creamy and natural for your fishing bait combined with a strong scent then vanilla will make an excellent choice.