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Worms are one of the most recognisable insects in the world and for many a year have been the most popular fishing bait with it being documented for hundreds of years. Worms come in many different breeds and types but it is most commonly thought of type is the humble earthworm. Forming part of the food chain for many different birds and animals, plus fish for aquatic versions of the worm, it is a very important part of nature and can be found right below our feet. Their effectiveness for fishing is still known today and they can be used to catch many different types of fish and chances are, every fisher has started out using a simple rod and worm for bait before developing their equipment.

Worm fishing flavours are earthy and meaty in a way that is very appealing to fish. The tone and notes of a worm style flavour is very much based in its earthy notes that make it rather unique as a fishing bait flavour. Aroma wise it again carries a strong earthy scent that is quite popular with fish without any other hidden notes in there. Worm flavoured fishing concentrates are wonderful for making fishing bait such as boilies, pop ups, groundbait additive and as part of a spod mix. If you want to use a bait that is as traditional and effective as they come then worm flavours would make a great choice for your next fishing trip.

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