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PVA Friendly Carp Fishing Liquids.

Fishing Liquids

Another important aspect of baiting up in fishing is the role that fishing liquid attractant plays in making sure the fish are interested in your bait.  What a Liquid Bait essentially is, is the flavour / smell that you combine with your choice of bait to offer a specific role or scent that can appeal to the fish you are after.  Whether you oak a boilie , you can increase significantly the aroma that they give out once they enter the water.  Or with groundbait, you can produce a slow release of flavour for example to allow it to work over time much more effectively.  Even our very own cloudy fishing liquids, although thicker, can be really beneficial to use.  Useful in both warmer and colder months, Liquids can be very effective in fishing due to the lack of food required for the fish to begin with.  The stronger the scent, the less freebies you need to entice the fish with, making it much more useful for catching multiple fish and holding them in an area. 

Liquid bait can come in a whole host of different colours, flavours and scents meaning it there is a flavour for all types of fishing needs.  Our cloudy fishing liquid range alone is designed to meet every different type of fishing requirements with authentic flavours such as tiger nut all the way down to spicy or fishy flavours.  When combined with spod mixes or glugging your own bait, liquids can really give you an edge over people who choose to use standard bait techniques, with so much available to use.  Experimenting with this type of bait can really improve your fishing experience and develop your skills and knowledge of each fishing trip.