Free Spirit CTX Cork 12ft 3.5 lb TC Deal

Down from £174.99 to only £122 @ Angling Direct

The new CTX range of carp rods cover every possibility from small water with the 2 1/2’s to extreme range with the S.U. models. Each rod undergoes a complex manufacturing process integrating 40t and 30t carbons with resin content below 25%. Wrapping alternately at 90 degrees and zero degrees for added strength, then further wrapping with 3mm bi-axis carbon tape at 45 degrees produces extremely strong yet ultra-light and slim blanks.

In addition to a much improved power to weight ratio of a blank at this price, a further advantage of this multi-layer structure is the accuracy of casting as the blank is less prone to twisting and the effect of bias. We are known for our distance casting rods and have proven during testing that the blank construction has produced rods with extreme casting abilities and great recovery. Cosmetically the X-Tape runs the length of the blank and gives it a very attractive and distinctive Perdurable finish.

This outstanding rod range is finished with Fuji DPS reel seats, stainless steel collars and S-Lite guides with both 40mm and 50mm models making them perform and look fantastic for many years to come and…they won’t break the bank. Complimentary to this range and still in testing stage will be stalking rods, landing nets and a range of barbel rods.

Unrivalled power to weight ratio of a blank at this price
Extremely strong yet ultra-light and slim blanks
Multi-layered structure provides accuracy and prevents twisting
Extreme casting abilities and great recovery
Features the Fuji DPS reel seat
Stainless steel collars and S-Lite guides
Available in a range of sizes to cater for a variety of needs