Trakker Cayman V2 2 Man Bivvy & Wrap Combo Deal


If you’re looking for a bankside abode to get you through the autumn and winter months then look no further, with the inclusion of the V2 wrap, Trakker’s high build quality and superior materials will ensure a comfortable stay on the bank even in the coldest of conditions.


With room for two, the sleek, well-designed and practical Cayman Bivvy sets a new benchmark in its class, with a two-rib system that has been designed to maximise internal space and weight reduction, the whole package – bivvy and wrap – weighs in at just 9kg.


The rear of the bivvy has a flat profile, enabling you to position the bed further back, thus creating more room for the rest of the gear, or another angler. This intuitive design is a real benefit to the Cayman V2 and it will also allow you to push your bivvy tight up against any foliage towards the back of your peg, optimising your space in which to fish.


At the other end, the front of the bivvy features a handy storm peak and, if you’re utilising the wrap system, the peak will add further space to your bivvy, creating a porch area in which to store your shoes, ready for when your receiver indicates a screaming run in the middle of the night.